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If your applications require LAN to LAN type connections with bursty transfers of data, then Norstar Frame Relay may be your best method of transportation.

Frame Relay is a standard protocol developed and accepted by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). It was developed to be a standardized access protocol that could be used in a public network.

If your network currently uses dedicated leased lines for your internetworking, Norstar’s Frame Relay could give you the increased throughput you desire with the cost savings you need. Our public frame relay products to give you the permanent connections you require at the throughput you deem necessary.

Permanent connections are done logically inside our network using Permanent Virtual Circuits (PVC). PVCs can be constructed to locations that have a physical connection to the network. Those connections can have a variety of speeds that Norstar will guarantee. The Committed Information Rate (CIR) is the component that enables you to tailor your networking requirements.

Frame Relay has become a mainstream technology that most carriers and equipment manufacturers have embraced. It is not often that a new technology comes along from which you can receive more features and benefits and pay less for the service. In today's world, applications require more bandwidth and the data is more critical to daily operation. With dedicated leased lines, your bandwidth is fixed at a certain throughput. For many users, a 56 KB line is not enough. but a T-1 line is too costly.

Frame relay enables you to purchase the speeds you need, plus they can cost less than regular 56 Kb lines you may already be using. The benefits of a frame relay network are inherent in the network itself. Increasing your CIR. building more PVC's or giving any-to-any connectivity is all done transparent to your company. Flexibility and increased throughput are key reasons to use Norstars’ Frame Relay service.


  1. High-Speed Data Transmission - the performance and security of private networks with the reach and economy of a shared network .
  2. Consolidated Hardware and Circuit Requirements - cost-effective strategy eliminates congestion and provides more manageability and scalability.
  3. Worldwide, Seamless Networking - link sites around the globe, free from interoperability issues or multi-vendor problems.
  4. Flexible, Accessible Implementation - connect via our Access Service and maintain an open migration path to ATM Service with full interworking.
  5. 24/7 Network Reliability - extensive monitoring, service, and support infrastructure stands behind aggressive Service Level Agreements.

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