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Why Colocation?

Connection Charges - No more charges based on total transfer rate, a connection average is used. Bandwidth is calculated using the '95th percentile' in which bandwidth measurements are taken every 5 minutes. At the end of the month, the top 5% of readings are discarded, and the highest remaining reading left is what the user is billed at.


State-of-the-art facilities provide secure space, power, and connectivity for any Data Center application.

Physical Infrastructure

Cabinets and suites

• Carrier-neutral environment
• Battery and generator backup
• Fire detection/suppression
• 24 x 7 technician support
• NOC performance monitoring
• Infrastructure for outside fiber plant
• Extensive security measures, including biometric entry scanning


• Redundant cooling systems insure protection in the event of an equipment failure
• Cooling efficiently delivered through raised floor space
• Humidity maintained at 50% (+ or - 10%)
• Temperature maintained at 72 degrees (+/- 6 degrees)

Advanced Fire Detection and Suppression

• Sprinkler system is a dry-piped, double-interlocked, pre-action fire protection system
• Provides best security against accidental discharge from sprinklers
• Smoke detection system above and below raised floor

Overhead Ladder Racking

• Three-tiered overhead infrastructure improves cable management and air flow
• Clean and easy access to cabling and power

Security / Access

• The multi-tiered physical security policy controls access 24 x 7 to the colocation area
• Photo ID access cards required at point of entry
• 24 x 7 x 365 Closed-Circuit Video Monitoring and Logging at all entry points
• Perimeter doors alarm-monitored 24 x 7 x 365
• Palm Scan and Photo Badge ID required to enter Colocation area
• Secured cabinet and caged access
• Routine quarterly testing of security policies and procedures
• Dedicated security professionals proactively manage physical and network security


Electrical distribution system, UPS, and backup generators are specifically designed to keep your equipment running, even during a blackout

• Redundant UPS power, backed by batteries and powerful emergency generators, provide sufficient backup power to keep facilities operational at maximum load
• In the event of a commercial power failure, automatic transfer switches (ATS) ensure smooth transition to back-up generator power
• Power availability greater than 99.999%

Service Support

24 x 7 x 365 pay-by-the-hour service provides you with world-class field personnel to meet your key hands-on maintenance requirements.

• Replace hardware components
• Card swaps
• Power leads
• Tag and return defective components
• Audit labeling of cables, hardware, and patch panels
• Hardware backups
• 24-hour security escort
• LED readings
• Equipment installation
• Mounting and racking
• Cable connection
• Initiating test cycles
• Collaborating with customer NOC
• Network element testing
• Hardware resets
• Receive or store replacement hardware components

Why chose Norstar to procure your colocation needs

• Freedom to connect to carriers in the facility
• Industry-leading colocation footprint
• Multi-tiered 24 x 7 facility security program
• Proven power and cooling reliability
• State-of-the-art quality infrastructure
• Flexible space and power options
• 24 x 7 tech remote hands maintenance and support
• Cost efficiency
• Significant savings from outsourcing data center needs (up to 80%, according to some studies)
• It's difficult to replicate the environment of a Data Center
• Predictable costs
• Monthly costs are defined and predictable
• Security
• Security is superior, compared to typical systems built in-house
• Lack of internal expertise
• Scalability
• Reliability
• Time-to market
• Get to market quicker because the infrastructure is ready to go
• Ability to focus on core competencies
• Leave the details of managing the infrastructure to someone else
• Human resource
• Instead of hiring additional staff, utilize Data Center personnel

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