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Get your business a dedicated service connection

Norstar is now offering the advantages of dedicated T-1 service for all your business' voice needs. Dedicated service could be the perfect choice for business. You could earn great savings while enjoying the enhanced quality of dedicated service. Call one of our representatives to obtain help to determine whether dedicated service is the right option for your business.

Norstar provides a comprehensive solution for your dedicated service needs

In addition to long distance, toll-free, and local toll, Norstar is now offering dedicated service at very competitive rates, averaging 1/3 lower than your current carrier. You'll enjoy savings and convenience by combining all your business' communications needs into one simple, consolidated calling plan accompanied by an easy-to-read statement detailing all your business' calling activity.

Norstar makes it easy for you

Let Norstar do all the work. Our first-class service solution provides the design, engineering, testing and building for your business' specific dedicated voice needs. And we supply one point of contact, so you always know who to call for immediate assistance.

24 hour, 7 day around-the-clock Maintenance

With 24/7 access to network maintenance technicians and 24/7 preventive network monitoring and maintenance, you can feel secure that your dedicated service is always up and running.

Norstar Enhanced RESPORG Services

    • Norstar manages your Toll Free services and helps minimize the waiting time for special requests (SMS system updated every 15 minutes!)
    • Upfront design and set up of redundancy requirements.
    • Time of day, day of week, NPA/NXX routing.

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