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TOLL Free 8xx Overview

Do more business with a toll-free number from Norstar. Simply put, your customers like toll-free numbers. Research has consistently shown that people prefer doing business with companies that offer a toll-free number.
For you, it means more new customers, increased repeat business, shorter sales cycles, and more. Whether you're a small business wanting a large presence, or a large business wanting to provide more personal service, we have the toll-free solution for you.

Customers like it when they can call for free. They're more likely to call a toll-free number to ask questions. And, in turn, place an order. From across the state or across the country, toll free helps you expand your business. A toll-free number sends a powerful message to your customers. It says you care about their business. Furthermore, it helps you handle customer problems quickly and easily, giving you a tool to keep your customers coming back.

Toll-Free service lets businesses offer customers an easy way to connect to customer support, sales offices or other company office locations using a toll-free access number (ex. 800, 866, 877, or 888 prefix). Or, Norstar Toll-Free services can be used to connect employees to your LAN, field offices or even to check voicemail when they are away from the office. Norstar offers a high-quality, feature rich toll-free product using our reliable high-capacity fiber-optic network that is ideal for small, growing and large businesses. Coupled with a single point of contact, competitive pricing and a combined invoice, Toll-Free Service is a simple way for businesses to:

    • Enhance inbound call management
    • Create new business opportunities by extending geographic boundaries
    • Offer toll-free service to North American callers or International callers

Features: North American Toll-Free Service

    • Programmed to existing phone lines (can be business, cellular or even an Voice Mail box number)
    • Vanity numbers
    • Regular statements showing originating phone numbers and lengths of each call
    • Contribution to long distance volume discounts
    • 24 x 7 Customer Care

International Toll-Free Service

  • Traditional ITFS Features
    • Local number format allows toll-free access numbers to be widely recognized in the country of origin - giving the impression of a local presence in the country of origin.
    • No international dialing prefix is necessary.
    • Widely available around the world.
    • Multiple numbers can be assigned to enable customers with call centers to take advantage of distributed call handling by language, time zone, knowledge and cultural variations.

  • Universal International Freephone Number
    • A single number can be used in multiple countries.
    • UIFN numbers are permanently assigned.
    • Vanity numbers can be requested to support company branding around the world.

Enhanced Toll-Free Features

    • Area code control
    • Area code/Exchange control
    • Time of day routing
    • Day of week
    • Call allocation

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