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Dedicated Local Service

Norstar provides its business clients with reliable local service at extremely competitive rates. Norstar combines the stability and ubiquitous coverage of the traditional telephone companies with those of competitive CLEC industry. This allows Norstar’s customers to achieve nationwide solutions from a single provisioning and purchasing point. Whether your business requires business lines or digital T-1 solutions, voicemail or three-way calling, Norstar Local Services will meet your needs wherever your need them.

We continue to enter new markets so more businesses can take advantage of the reliability and quality of the Norstar network.

    • Local Network Access ( Dial Tone)
    • Local Calling
    • Calling Features
    • Enhanced local services

Our Local network access provides a high-quality, clear voice or data business line, and allows businesses to secure the minimum number of lines necessary as well as the capacity to expand service and add features as they grow. Customers can keep their existing telephone numbers when they switch to Norstar. If you are looking for the convenience and simplicity of one provider, Norstar offers a seamless package of local, long distance, and Internet services for a single monthly fee. Our Value Bundles provide convenient and cost-effective business communications that piecemeal services just can't match.

Local network access facilities are available in four types:

    • T-1 access
    • Channel access (DS0)
    • ISDN PRI (primary rate interface)
    • Dynamic T (VoIP)

Multiple local access services are available for the above facilities:

    • Business lines
    • Key system lines
    • PBX trunks
    • Foreign exchange
    • Data lines

The Norstar network comprises a variety of trunking configurations, enabling single and multiple voice and data transmissions between two network elements. Our local trunks offer connectivity flexibility so customers can customize specific traffic patterns based on their needs, such as one-way outbound calling only or two-way calling.

  • DID - Norstar's DID trunks provide greater user productivity by eliminating the need for assistance, reducing incoming call "traffic jams" and offering the caller a speedy connection to the desired party.
  • Foreign exchange - This service involves an inbound-only call, toll free to the calling party, which is paid for by the called party. If desired, the service includes a listing in the "foreign" white and yellow pages of the ILEC directory.

Local Calling

Norstar completes your local calls over our all-digital network. Norstar Local service provides:

Local calling area coverage at least the size of the incumbent telephone company

    • 411
    • 911
    • Operator Assistance
    • Directory Listing
    • White-page Listing
    • Yellow-page Listing

Calling Features

    • Call Forward
    • Call Forward Busy
    • Call Forward No Answer
    • Call Forwarding Trunks to POTS
    • Remote Access to Call Forwarding
    • Call Transfer
    • 3-way Calling
    • Call Waiting
    • Toll Denial
    • Call hold
    • Caller ID
    • Caller ID with name
    • ANI delivery

Directory Assistance

For more information on Directory Assistance, click here.

Long Distance

Norstar customers benefit from the highest sound quality over Norstar's network. As an added benefit, we also bundle local and long distance services to maximize use of customers' existing access facilities, and to provide a single, consolidated invoice for all calling. Long Distance network access is done over the same high-quality facilities used to connect to the local network or by "LD Only Access T-1."

Long Distance Calling

  • IntraLATA (local toll)
  • Intrastate (instate)
  • Interstate (out-of-state)
  • International calling to more than 200 countries

Directory Assistance

For more information on Directory Assistance, click here.


Customers and their employees can now choose Norstar to carry their long distance calls from many locations. Customers save money by combining long distance call volumes from sites without a T-1, with volumes from their T-1-served locations.

Dedicated 1+ Long Distance

Norstar offers excellent rates on intrastate, interstate and international calling.

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