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Dedicated Internet Access

Norstar Dedicated Internet provides business class, permanently "open", high bandwidth connections to the Internet. Our goal is to provide you with a dedicated circuit connected to the Internet 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Which method you choose is determined by your needs, location and budget.

While all of our dedicated services utilize our unique redundant network architecture and offer superior reliability, there are distinct differences that may help determine the best solution for your situation.

Our T-1 and above services offer 100% of throughput to the Internet and robust SLA’s on performance. You can determine how much data channelizing the connection based on your needs.

Norstar also offers you static IP addresses in block sizes suitable for any business. And if you need help, we do offer Firewall service as well.

Norstar Dedicated Internet is available in 56/64KB increments from a single DS-0 through DS-3. Service is deliverable via Norstar T-1, Bonded T-1 (up to 12MB), Ethernet, DS-3 or xDSL.

Whether it's Dedicated Internet Access for your business - from a single site facility to multi-site locations to the large enterprise organization, Norstar can provide the solution to meet your business needs.

Norstar can also provide Dial up Internet for remote access or simple backup connectivity for your business.

Whatever you're looking for, Norstar has everything you need to access the World Wide Web…and so much more!

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