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Rate Sheets

Basic Services

  • Toll Free Economy Conference*
    11 cents per minute

  • Toll Free Reservationless
    15 cents per minute

  • Toll Free Unattended
    15 cents per minute

  • Toll Free Attended
    19 cents per minute

  • Operator Dial Out
    19 cents per minute

  • Toll Free Full-time Operator
    23 cents per minute

  • ReadyShow Web Conferencing (audio not incl.) 24 cents per minute

*If operator assistance is necessary, participants must call 888-755-7776 - The cost per minute increases to $0.30 for all participants.

Enhanced Services

Recording Services

  • 120 min Analog Tape
    $7.00/tape (Plus delivery, if other than 1st class US Mail)

  • Duplicate Tapes
    $6.00/tape (Plus delivery, if other than 1st class US Mail)

  • CD ROM
    $20.00/CD (Plus delivery, if other than 1st class US Mail)

  • Digital Record
    $0.32 / min

  • Playback (Toll)
    $0.25 / min / line

  • Playback (Toll-Free)
    $0.32 / min / line

Internet Audio Streaming

Audio Streaming d uring conference and Archived Conference Streaming are available. Rates depending on number of simultaneous streams and approximate hours of playback. Please call for rates.

Special Services

  • Participant List (faxed or e-mailed)
    $2.50 / page
  • Pre-notification of Participant
    $2.50 / person
  • Transcription Service (Allow 2 weeks for Delivery)
    $34 / transcription hr.
  • Transcription Fax
    $0.55 / page
  • Special Event Conferences (100+ participants)
    Call for Quote
  • International Toll-Free & Dial-out
    Call for Quote

ReadyShow Web Conferencing Enhanced Services (Requires 72 hr. advanced notice)

  • Audio Streaming - During Conference (plus conference cost)
    $10 / stream
  • Archive Record (1/2 day turnaround)
    $395 / conference
  • Archive Web-link Playback (Hosted for 90 days)
    $300 / conference
  • Archive CD Rom
    $20.00/CD (plus delivery, if other than 1st Class US mail